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The Division Independent Medical Evaluation (DIME)

"Just Another Physiatrist Evaluation?"

The DIME Panel Process is more understandable and manageable, if one looks at the data which is available.  The data that I compiled is now quite dated, and over a year old.  I have not updated this data since October 2010.

I was able to obtain the source data from Becky Greben at the Division, and would encourage others to seek updated versions of this same data.  I am only offering the data contained in the PDF accessible by the button to the right.

My review of the data told us that:

certain physicians were performing unusually high numbers of DIME evaluations,

some physicians are seen as "qualified to rate almost anything", 

the brain injury DIME process is flawed and inappropriate.

there are some very limited geographic factors present in the "DIME Panel selection process". 

It told us numerous other things as well.  I have several other comments on the DIME process which will be posted here in the near future.

Due to "the finality" of the DIME process, some might suggest that "getting the right physician from the panel", needs to be combined with "making sure that physician is able to accurately review the case, despite the limitations of a flat rate evaluation".

It is advised to get the file in proper order prior to the DIME evaluation.  This might include an independent IME.

It is hoped that the DIME will lead to a clear understanding of impairments, and met and unmet treatment needs.  This often leads to a clearer understanding of limitations.

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