Civil Rights

  • CDP will become the state‚Äôs leading C4 civil rights organization for people with disabilities.
  • People with disabilities still lack equal opportunities that people without disabilities have.
  • Colorado Civil Rights Division should have a required disability training.
  • Increased quality and access to Sign Language Interpreters is needed.
  • Any time there is a board or committee that makes policy affecting people with disabilities, the community must be directly represented.


  • Fewer than 30% of individuals with disabilities have full time, full year jobs and many more are discouraged and not even counted in the labor market.
  • Discrimination in hiring happens too often.
  • There is a need for diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
  • Equal funding for transit in all transportation funding is needed.
  • Support Employment First, but make it available to people with all types of disabilities.


  • There is a need for adequate housing and housing programs for people with disabilities.
  • Integrated and diverse housing communities serving people with disabilities is needed.
  • New housing needs to at least be visitable by people with disabilities.
  • An increase in state-based vouchers is needed.
  • Addressing affordability, especially for those on fixed incomes, is important.


  • Advocacy for integrated and inclusive high-quality educational opportunities for people with disabilities is needed.
    • Ex. sheltered classrooms for children with intellectual disabilities in Colorado.
  • Advocacy for higher education opportunities for people with disabilities and appropriate funding and supports is a priority.

Medical Care

  • Increased participant-directed options is needed.
  • Equalized rates between consumer direction and agency-directed care is needed.
  • Direct care staff should be paid at least $15 an hour.
  • Delivery and rate reform of complex rehab in Medicaid is needed.

Mental Health

  • Individuals with disabilities need improved access to more providers, including peer services.
  • Medicaid clients need increased access to mental health care.
  • Mental health providers need increased support, understanding, and training to prepare them to work with people with disabilities.